Garden Maintenance

Gardening isn’t as easy as sitting down and pulling out weeds, and a garden needs a lot more TLC even the smallest veggie patch or flower bed. It is easy to neglect a garden especially for those who don’t have a green thumb, has a fast-paced lifestyle or due to cold weather and in summer wanting to be outdoors other than in your garden.

Even if you are a green thumb, there are common gardening mistakes that happen more than you think. Including:

  • Over watering, plant roots need to breathe too, and prolonged inundation interrupts the natural process and can result in stunted growth and poor flowering.
  • Over fertilizing, overloading your garden and having the opposite effect of encouraging growth and can be fatal for more sensitive plants.
  • Poor soil preparation, before planting anything you need to remove all roots and weeds before conditioning the soil to ensure it has the required amount of nutrients and reasonable pH which will provide your plants or lawn will thrive. This can vary depending on your beginning soil quality and what you are growing.
  • Incorrect pruning, over-pruning which can stunt growth and reduce flowering and fruit yields or under-pruning or no pruning can be a safety hazard or encourage the growth of bugs and decay.
  • Lack or incorrect mowing, which can result in patchy grass which promotes weeds and stunts the grass growth.
  • Improper planting, planting out of season, planting sun thriving plants in the shade or placing plants too close together, etc.
  • Not removing weeds of planting invasive plants, which will take over your once healthy garden before you know it.

Let us help maintain your neglected garden!

A neglected garden isn’t pretty to look at, whether it is overgrown, littered with sticks and branches or blocking access to your property. Our team at One Up Property Services are experienced to maintain any garden with using their specialist knowledge in plant health, soil condition, hazard reduction and more!

Garden Maintenance For Residential properties

Whether you want to start a flower bed, veggie garden or remove weeds and give a general tidy we can help you. We will give your garden the tender loving care that it deserves, from fertilizing, pruning, removing debris and more.

We can help you get that beautiful flower bed that you have always wanted, get your fruit trees to bear again or get your veggie garden up and growing and thriving. Whether you need a regular service or an every now and again help we will get any garden thriving small or large.

Garden Maintenance For Commercial properties

Whether your business is an office, school, hospital or café having a well-maintained garden can create a positive and comforting atmosphere. And for cafes, offices and other client based businesses first impressions say a lot about how your business runs. No matter how large or small your garden is, a neglected garden is counterproductive and give your business a less than sleek look

Our Gardening Services

We offer a full range of services for maintaining your garden from start to finish.

We Recycle
That’s why all our cuttings, clippings and debris are recycled and re-used as mulch. Our team also strives to ensure that minimal damage is created during the removal or branches and trees ensuring that native plants and wildlife are conserved.

Contact us on 0419 868 347 to organise garden maintenance for your home or businesses in the Mornington Peninsula area including Safety Beach, Mount Eliza, Rye and Sorrento.

We also offer regular Mowing, Tree Pruning and Green Waste Removal services for both homes and businesses of all sizes.