Green Waste Removal

What is Green Waste?

Green waste refers to organic waste which is derived from an outdoor area or garden area. It includes:

  •    Sticks
  •    Leaves
  •    Lawn Clippings
  •    Weeds
  •    Pruning and branches
  •    Bark and saw dust from untreated timber

All Green Waste can and should be recycled.

Why you should recycle Green Waste.

Recycling green waste saves organic waste heading to landfill to be buried or incinerated, why should anyone send organic green waste to the landfill when it can break down naturally or be reused for fertilizer or mulch. Mulching can be reused for landscaping or to inhibit weed growth and slow the degree moisture evaporation from the soil.

How to recycle your Green Waste

There are two main options in the Mornington Peninsula area for removing and recycling waste and depending on your situation one may be more viable for you.

Option A: Mornington Peninsula Shire Green Waste Services

Green Waste removal in the Mornington Peninsula Council incurs a fee unless you have a trailer or car to tip on the few set dates where the council has a “free of charge” green waste disposal limited to small trailers and car loads. There is also an option of opting to pay a fortnightly fee for green bin waste recycle in the green bin provided by the council. And last but not least, you can organise a one off green waste collection by the council also for a fee.

In summary, unless you have access to a trailer, can cut branches into size (10cm diameter and 30cm in length) or transfer your green waste out to the front of your home using a council service isn’t a viable option. Commercial green waste removal can only be undertaken by a private waste disposal company (like us!).

Option B: Us!

We will do all the work, no need to struggle to cut your branches, transfer your green waste from the backyard to the front.

We will do this all for you.

Green waste removal for Residential properties

We will move all branches no matter how big, or whether they need to be cut into more manageable pieces before placing them into our mulcher for recycling. Whether you have large branches which have fallen or a mess of sticks and debris our team are happy to get your backyard, front yard, side passage or wherever your green waste is clean, tidy and transformed into mulch.

Green waste removal for Commercial properties

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council doesn’t provide commercial green waste disposal, meaning that your business will need to use a private company just like US! Whether you have booked a pruning, mowing or garden maintenance service or not our team of garden specialists will come and remove all debris, trees, branches and what not for you. And your business can rest assured that your green waste will be reused and recycled by our mulcher.

Why use One Up Property Services?

We are efficient, neat and environmentally friendly. No matter where or how much green waste your home or property has you can rest assured that our experienced team will leave your outdoor area flawless and all waste will be mulched and recycled!

For your residential or Commercial Green Waste removal in the Mornington Peninsula Area call us now 0419 868 347.

One Up Property Services also offers tree pruning, lawn and garden maintenance in Safety Beach, Mount Eliza, Rye, and Sorrento areas.