Lawn Mowing

Many don’t know that mowing a lawn is more important for the health of a lawn than purely for aesthetic reasons. Mowing a lawn at the correct height and uniformly across the whole lawn is integral for promoting growth and allowing nutrients to penetrate the soil evenly and help the new grass to grow consistently transforming the patchiest of grasses. Regular and correct mowing allows your lawn to grow deeper roots, increase its drought resistance and the reduction of maintenance requirements.

In the colder months, your lawn may require less cutting, but it is important to make sure that when it does require cutting it is done properly to ensure that your lawn will thrive and survive the warmer summer and spring months.

Lawn care and mowing frequency will depend on your grass type, soil nutrients and how frequently you water your lawn. Different grass varieties will grow at various rates ranging from ½ an inch in the warmer months to 4 inches in the height of summer.

The most common lawn mowing troubles that many individuals and businesses face include:

  • Cutting a lawn too short (“scalping”) due to incorrect mower height affecting growth and may leave patches encouraging weed growth.
  • Not removing sticks and leave debris which apart from a safety hazard will leave your lawn patchy.
  • Lack of edging which apart from leaving a messy finish can encourage the growth of weeds.
  • Cutting wet grass which can be dangerous for your footing can damage your mower and will tear up your lawn and expose soil.
  • Mowing the same pattern every time, which can prevent the upright growth of your grass.

At One Up Property Services, we mow both residential and commercial/industrial properties no matter how large or small your lawn in the Mornington Peninsula Area.

Lawn Mowing For Residential properties

Apart from a hassle, digging out your mower if it is fuel powered, filling it up or plugging it in for the more modern electrical mowers and pushing it across the lawns and annoyingly navigating narrow sections. Edging is another kettle of fish, you may be used to using a manual edger (manual being the key word here) or a whipper snipper which can be dangerous, to say the least.

To think that you can avoid all of this by using a professional and affordable gardening service like us! We have years of experience of experience dealing with the most troublesome and poorly conditioned lawns. We will make sure that your lawn is:

  •    Cut your lawn only when it needs it
  •    Edging to leave a neat and even look preventing weed growth
  •    Mulching of clippings to allow recycling of nutrients

Lawn Services for Commercial/Industrial properties

Waste energy mowing large areas with a hand-held mower instead of a heavy-duty ride on mower, however many do not want to invest or don’t have the resources or time to mow a large lawn like a golf course, school or large open property.

Our experience taking care of large properties allow us to identify depending on the grass, the season, the purpose of your lawn and its health how often your lawn should be mowed and provide any advice on how you can improve your lawn.

Our mowers encourage “grass recycling” allowing the nutrients from the cut grass to be reabsorbed into the existing active grass. Whether you have a preference for a pattern or which you would like your our qualified garden specialists will get your lawn looking flawless.

Let us take care of your lawn no matter the use, size or condition saving you time, energy and letting you get back to focusing on your business.

Do you have any overhanging trees, problem weeds, overgrown hedges or shrubs?

We can help with that too!

We also offer Green Waste Removal, Tree Pruning and Garden Maintenance services. Whether you just had some trees removed and have left over branches and sticks, need to neaten up your hedges, fruit trees or overhanging branches or need a little help cleaning up your garden removing weeds, debris, fertilising your lawn, mulching and any other garden or lawn advice.

For more information on our lawn mowing or garden services call us now on 0419 868 347.

We service the Mornington Peninsula area including Safety Beach, Mount Eliza, Rye and Sorrento.