Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is more than chopping aimlessly at a tree, shrub or plant. And there is an art to it, not merely aesthetically but also to ensure that no damage is done to the life of the tree or shrub and it can continue to growth, flower or maintain its health.

Why your trees, shrubs, hedges or plants may need pruning?

Pruning can be for more than aesthetic, nuisance and safety reasons. Below are some benefits and reasons why some properties require pruning to their trees, shrubs, etc.

  • Remove dead or diseased branches to prevent insect or decay to spread to the rest of the healthy areas.
  • To increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your plants resulting in greater growth and will maintain the health of your tree or plant.
  • Access reasons: side passages, entrances and any other surrounding area of your home or business may be restricted due to overgrown trees and shrubs.
  • Safety reasons: for overhanging branches over homes, backyards or close to power lines.
  • Aesthetic reasons: to neaten up your outdoor area or increase the sunlight reaching your home or outdoor area.
  • Nuisance reasons: to prevent constant dropping of leaves and sticks onto your yard, pool, car or roofs.

Consequences of incorrect pruning

Unfortunately, improper pruning results in more than funny looking, skewed or patchy trees, hedges, and shrubs. Listed below are some effects of improper pruning such as:

  • Can cause irreversible damage to your tree or plant for the duration of its lifespan
  • Stunt the growth of your tree or shrub especially with younger trees
  • Reduce flowering or fruit-bearing ability of the plant or tree
  • In extreme circumstances can kill the plant, especially flowering trees
  • Injury if you are attempting to access large trees with a ladder without training and safety equipment

Leave the pruning to us.

Apart from safety reasons, for large trees at heights and the power tools required the consequences above are enough to ensure that your home or businesses tree life is maintained and cared for.

Tree Pruning For Residential properties

Are you sick of having to dodge branches, cleaning up sticks or wanting to increase the sunlight that you once had in your backyard or front yard.

No matter that your reason your trees and shrubs requires pruning, our experienced team are trained to prune trees, shrubs, hedges, and plants of all shapes and sizes. They are armed with specific tools to complete tasks efficiently and safely. Our team is happy to provide any advice on your garden woes, may they be bugs, lack of fruiting or fertilizers you should use.

Tree Pruning For Commercial properties

Your number one priority is the safety of you, your employees and clients and that is reason enough to prune any potential overhanging, restricting or sharp trees or shrubs no matter the size. No matter the size or shape we are armed with years of experience providing pruning and garden services to companied in the Mornington Peninsula including identifying any potential hazards and conservative pruning.

For aesthetic reasons, first impressions are vital, and your business should look good. Our team has a keen eye for detail making your outdoor area look flawless while ensuring your trees and plants will continue to grow and flourish.

One Up Property Services promotes Recycling

We recycle all cuttings, branches, leaves and organic debris. All green waste is put into our mulcher to be reused and recycled for landscaping to encourage the growth of garden beds and more!

For more information on our Pruning Service call us now on 0419 868 347 today.

We also provide Green Waste Removal, Lawn Care and Garden Services for the Mornington Peninsula Area including Safety Beach, Mount Eliza, Rye and Sorrento.